These are the issues that I talk about each and every day with my friends and neighbors, and the ones you may be talking about with yours…

Improving Public Health and Safety/Tackling the Opioid Epidemic

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been ravaged by the opioid crisis. The issue of untreated addiction and mental illness remains a priority of mine, and I will continue to push for services and support for those affected. Investing in the most vulnerable in our society will send ripples into the issues of homelessness and public safety in Boston and beyond. Read more on my plan to address the Opioid Crisis.

Additionally, we cannot remain content with the current state of our streets. We need to address the issues that visitors to our city often don’t see. We need conversations, tailored to individual neighborhoods, from needle clean-up to trash removal to park maintenance; how we care for our shared and public spaces is a public health issue that impacts us all. Read more on my plan to clean up our streets.

Supporting High Quality Schools

Boston Latin School was recently ranked the top school in Massachusetts. Our city must continue delivering on the promise that a public education can be a pathway to the American Dream, as it was for me.

We can do more to ensure that every child in Boston has a high quality school in their neighborhood. We can continue to expand access to pre-school for working families. We can do a better job addressing disparities within and between our schools. And we can strengthen the connections between our schools and community centers year-round. Read more about my plan to fix every school for every student.

Investing in Infrastructure to Keep People Moving

Our streets, sidewalks and transit carry millions of people throughout our city. They need to work for visitors and they really need to work for residents. As we expand bike infrastructure, we need to listen to folks whose children are sharing these streets. As we continue to grow, we need to be mindful of the impact that increased congestion can have on our parking and traffic. And, now more than ever, our transit system needs to be a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to commute to work. Read more on my plan to make streets and sidewalks safe for all of us.

Our commutes, as residents, are not just Monday-Friday to and from work – our children need to get to school, lessons and practices. Our woes are not just with the daily traffic or transit delays, but with the special events, parades and races that use our streets. Residents should feel heard and prepared to carry out their lives amid the exciting, but hectic, city of Boston.

Fighting for Civil Rights and Social Justice

I am committed to protecting a woman’s right to choose, marriage and equality regardless of sexual orientation and the right to free speech and civil disobedience. I despise discrimination in any form, and will fight to protect your rights the same as I would for my own family.

Providing Housing Options for Everyone

We need to ensure that there remain housing options for everyone in the City of Boston. That means being pragmatic, honest and receptive to feedback from neighborhoods as the City Council considers policy changes such as new zoning, expanding inclusionary policies, transfer fees, rent control or raising taxes.

Making Boston a Great Place to do Business

I will be committed as City Councilor to keeping Boston affordable as a business environment. That means being smart about zoning, supporting innovation, serving as an advocate when licensing practices become onerous and monitoring smart institutional expansion.