Jenn’s Plan: Fix every school for every student

Like every parent, Jenn knows how important it is for every child to receive a first class education. But unlike some of our leaders in City Hall, she will fight tirelessly to make sure that our children get what they deserve.

Today, so many of our schools are an embarrassment.

Jenn will hold our school officials accountable.

The Problem: 

  1. Over 20,000 students are attending failing schools
  2. Some school buildings are physically falling apart
  3. Not enough quality options in every neighborhood

Jenn’s Plan: 

  1. Demand accountability. Boston spends roughly $22,000 per student, and still 20,000 of our students attend failing schools. Jenn will demand results.
  2. Making children feel safe at school. Every school needs resources for students and parents on public health, nutrition, and gun safety. Children should feel safe to express themselves without bullying.
  3. Increase access to clear and relevant information for families – from food sustainability to education navigators, Boston needs to better communicate with parents about opportunities for students.
  4. Fight for funding to fix our crumbling buildings. Lead discussions regarding better use of underutilized school buildings.